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Hunger Prevention Services include hot lunches that are provided Monday through Friday at 12 pm at our drop in center.

Wednesday is Weenie Wednesday at 12 pm

The Food Pantry is open on Mondays from 2 until 3pm Monday & Friday.

Food donations are brought in Monday through Friday. They are put on tables behind the ministry starting around 10 am. These are donations that come in from business’s in our area, we appreciate these immensely and are a blessing to those they feed.

Food Donations are set out under the canopy behind Matthew’s House Ministry on a daily basis. Even though it is free, donations are greatly appreciated for the gas needed for the van that gets the donations.


Matthew’s House Provides to those in need

Bible Study - Join us for Bible Study at Richmond Reformed Church on Wednesdays! Transportation is provided to and from Matthew's House Ministry. Pickup is at 5:30pm.

Showers are available Monday through Friday from 10am-2:40pm at our drop in center.

We provide Laundry Services for 75¢ to wash and 75¢ to dry at our Activity Center

The Clothing Pantry open Monday-Friday from 1 - 2 pm.



The Seed Men’s Transitional House provides temporary housing for homeless  men, which allows them to overcome the challenges of living on the street. It arms men with the basics in order for them to reenter the workforce and stabilize their lives.

Lydia’s House provides temporary, transitional housing for homeless women, which allows them the foundation to break through barriers associated with living on the streets.  This service allows time to obtain employment, live in a safe drug-free home and the time to work towards succeeding in life.

Family Housing - We were blessed with a home that we use for families that are struggling to have a fresh start. Requirements for being in this program are that you are willing to meet the requirements of a spiritual Christ centered home. This program requires church attendance and participating in spiritual growth. There is rent involved which is negotiable with your income level.



Providing Biblical Direction at the Intersection of Life.

The staff at Matthew’s House Ministries work hard to service the homeless population of Grand Rapids. We feed anywhere from 50 to 70 residents from the community every weekday, please give generously.

Please inquire today about how you can be a financial partner of Matthew’s House Ministries and or join our family by volunteering!

We are a 501(c)(3)

Our Mission

Matthew’s House Ministries provides men, women, and children with a safe environment, programs, and services to promote self-sufficiency and independence to end the cycle of homelessness and poverty. We believe in the human potential, compassion, social justice, excellence, integrity, and accountability.

More about what we do

Matthew’s House Ministry is a faith-based, nonprofit ministry that reaches out to our neighbors in need.

We are a place of support for individuals and families who have no physical home. We are a helping hand as they work toward greater stability by supporting the mind, body and spirit.

Since 2008

Since Matthew’s House Ministries was founded in 2008 by Pastor George Werkema, our mission is to show Christ’s love, build relationships, listen with empathy and promote human dignity. We do this by providing access to showers, laundry facilities, food and shelter while walking alongside our neighbors as they transition to success.

We focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, social and economic functionality by not only providing transitional housing but also daily drug and alcohol counseling, daily bible studies, computer skills training, resume building and business incubation services.

We have and will continue to have a major impact on the quality of life of the homeless and welcome all with open arms.

Pastor George





Why We Do What We Do!